A treasure found in the palace

A treasure found in the palace

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  • 1. A treasure found in the palace

    1. 궁궐에서 찾은 보물

    2. Treasure No. 810. is The Chimney with Ten Symbols in Longitude at Jagyeongjeon Hall of Gyeongbokgung Palace.

    2. 자경전 십장생 굴뚝은 보물 제 810호이다.

  • 3. In 1865, during the Joseon dynasty, Jagyeongjeon Hall was built for Queen Sinjeong.

    3. 자경전은 1986년 신정왕후를 위해 조선시대에 지어졌다.

    4. The Ten Longevity Chimney is in a square shape and is located at the back wall of the Jagyeongjeon Hall.

    4.십장생 굴뚝은 네모난 형태로 자경전 뒷담에 있다.

  • 5. The center of the chimney is engraved with the patterns of animals and plants, the Ten Longevity Symbols.

    5. 굴뚝 가운데 동식물의 무늬인 십장생을 새겨 넣었다.

    6. It includes the sun, mountains, water, stones, pine trees, moon, clouds, blochos, turtles, cranes, and deer. They symbolize wishing for a long life. It was a prayer for the longevity of Queen Sinjeong.

    6. 십장생은 해, 산, 물, 돌, 소나무, 구름, 블로초, 거북, 학, 사슴을 말하는데 10가지 장수를 기원하는 상징물이다. 신정왕후의 만수무강을 기원한것이다.

  • 7. The chimney was made of bricks, and the roof was covered with arched roof tiles to let the smoke out of the roof.

    7. 굴뚝은 벽돌을 쌓아 만들었고 기와 지붕을 얹어서 지붕위에서 연기를 빠지게 하였다.

    8. It is known as the most beautiful chimney of the Joseon Dynasty.

    8. 조선시대의 굴뚝 중에 가장 아름다운 굴뚝으로 알려져있다.

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